lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

The advantages of reading books

In this website there are a space that deals with books. Why I recommended you to read books?

It´s certain that I speak about scientific books because it´s de theme of my blog. But reading books have some benefits for you.

For example, you improve your cognitive development: your ability of abstraction, your memory and your imagination. It doesn’t mind what is the book about or the language the most important are that you are learning new things.

Moreover, when you read less your stress and you move away your problems because you try to understand and imagine the story. Also, you are entertaining.

As a result, you will expand your vocabulary and you will have more things to speak about, furthermore your capacity of concentration will increase.

Finally, reading a lot decrease the possibility of suffer Alzheimer.

You know, reading it’s positive for you. I recommended you to visit my blog and read my articles and the books that I recommended. I attempt to select easier books and write with simple language I know that read scientific things could be difficult and boring but it’s positive to have variety of knowledge.

In this holiday you can do it if you have a boring moment.

Good look!!!

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